Civil Law Advocacy

go to link Have you become involved in a dispute? Are your rights being overridden? You have probably never imagined yourself being involved with the courts or needing representation over a dispute. This can be a very worrying and stressful time for you and your family. That is all the more so if you are not sure of your rights, how to safeguard your position, resolve matters and obtain justice. What you need is professional and practical advice from someone dedicated to fighting your corner from beginning to end.

acquistare Viagra 50 mg online We have many years’ experience of advising on and resolving civil disputes, drawing on our expertise to achieve the best outcome possible. In gaining a swift understanding of all that has happened, your needs and aspirations we will provide a personal and no-nonsense service to guide you through the complexities of a process few are accustomed to.

County Court and High Court

Viagra 100 mg consegna gratuita Just as you have a right to represent yourself you also have a right to obtain professional legal advice and representation. This can arise in a wide range of matters, each bringing its own issues, rules and procedures. With the removal of legal aid from most areas of civil disputes and disagreements Nunn Rickard advises and assists to whatever extent you prefer, offering ‘no win no fee’, ‘contingency’ and ‘fixed fee’ funding in addition to normal private paying arrangements, as appropriate. Do not let the fear of legal costs force you in to the stressful process of acting in person or even choosing not to safeguard your rights and pursue compensation. First find out where you stand, find out what your options are before choosing how best to address the dispute or the claim before you.

Mediation / Arbitration / Adjudication

dove comprare Viagra originale 100 mg in italia There are alternatives to the courts, often simpler, cheaper and quicker. Nunn Rickard are experienced at addressing matters in all forms of alternative to the courts and actively encourage clients to consider the same.

dove comprare Viagra generico pagamento online It is often the case that the opportunity to sit down and resolve matters at an early stage is missed. Nunn Rickard will not advise you to rush off to the courts, to spend money like water. Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome, as early and cheaply as possible. If that means we charge £200 instead of £2,000 so be it. Often a telephone call with the other side or between solicitors at the outset will pay dividends. We will fight your corner, we will argue your case to the best of our ability but we will also tell you if there is a better way.

Private and Commercial disputes

comprare viagra orodispersibile Whether you are a single mum, unemployed, a tradesmen or a company director Nunn Rickard has the expertise and the experience to assist. As a practice we have purposefully embraced and sought to support all clients, whatever their wealth, status or walk of life. Your case matters to us whoever you are, whatever your needs.

follow If you are in business you need to focus on providing your own services, earning money, making money and seeing to the needs of your customers. We aim to enable you to do so without the distractions of whatever disputes or disagreements have arisen. If you are a private individual we aim to enable you to live your life, to work to see to the needs of your children whilst the process of litigation is handled for you.

miglior sito per comprare Viagra originale 100 mg If a dispute has arisen, your rights have been infringed or need to be enforced, if you are due compensation for whatever reason Nunn Rickard will assist. The following areas may help you identify whether we are the right firm to call but if in doubt call us anyway:-

  • Compensation claims
  • Personal injury
  • Professional negligence
  • Partnership & company disputes
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Property litigation
  • Breaches of contract
  • Judicical Review

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