Why Do I Need A Solicitor?

The court service of England and Wales seeks to accommodate and assist people acting in person. This is the case whether you have a criminal, civil, matrimonial or employment problem. However acting for oneself in any court or tribunal can often be a daunting prospect, particularly for someone with little or no legal experience. The…

Why is criminal law so important?

The criminal law regulates how we as individuals deal with each other and how companies and businesses, deal with us and indeed how the government local and national deals with us.

Criminal Law FAQ’S

Who is responsible for the criminal law? Mostly Parliament are responsible for the criminal law. The Ministry of Justice are responsible for the management of courts and the prison service and the general infrastructure of the criminal law. However legislation that is enforced by the criminal law comes from all departments of the government. There…

Who begins proceedings in criminal law?

The simple answer is anyone can commence proceedings for a crime. It is rare for individuals to start proceedings because it is so expensive and there are mechanisms in place to stop people starting frivolous prosecutions.